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COVID-19 Statement

Our main focus is keeping our guests and staff safe. Providing an excellent service and making our guests feel at home is part of what we do. At the same time, we maintain a hygienic and safe environment for the peace of mind of our guests.

We are extremely fortunate that the layout and location of Muweti lends itself to being uncrowded. Because of where Muweti is situated, social distancing comes in the most natural way.

We provide 70% alcohol based hand sanitiser in all rooms, communal areas. Use, by both guests and staff members, is mandatory. Sanitiser will also be available on the game viewing vehicles.

Our dining area is set up to allow a minimum of 1,5m between guests, unless they are from the same party.

Our communal areas lend themselves to adequate social distancing.

Our rooms facilities are well spaced and apart from one another.

We seat a maximum of 6 individuals per game drive vehicle. If needed we will use 2 vehicles.

Our meals will be individually plated, unless the guests are all from one family/party. Our food is sanitised after shopping and meals are prepared, as always, under strict hygiene standards.

Guests are temperature checked on arrival. Daily temperature checks, if required for guests and staff, can be done using non-contact, infrared thermometers, to ensure quick accurate readings.

Please approach us on site if you have any concerns.